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There are no shortcuts to any place worth going. – Beverly Sills

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Week One – Challenge Accepted

A new adventure…


As I approach the end of week one of MKMMA ….
Defined Major Purpose has been massaged with the help of my ‘hands on’ guide, Carol; it’s feeling powerful. As the DMP is part of the daily reading required it is interesting to see how the old blueprint intervenes from time to time.

I have found using EFT while reading the DMP out loud is easing the tension the adventure brings up.

Today is the first challenge to reading habit by my work. Timing will be out, however three sessions will be completed.

My job gave me a good reminder today as to why my DMP is so important. It’s 0540hrs on Saturday of a public holiday long weekend. I have been on duty since 2030 hrs Friday and still 120km from home.

I hold myself in a point of gratitude to my employer, gfc haven and wealth provider for…

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Week 23 The Law of Least Effort.

As we being to commence, let’s do so with the least effort.

TeamSki777 Master Key

Aloha friends and welcome back to our week 23 MKMMA reflections. This week we had learned about “The Law of Least Effort”.  I will share my “observations” on how this law was found and applied during my week.  I have to admit, at first, I thought that “The World’s Laziest Networker” could some how be found somewhere with in this law :}

First off, we must remember from our MKMMA course that there are three parts of this law. 1} Acceptance   2}  Responsibility   3}  Defenselessness

In the first part of our new law is Acceptance. Simply stated, we must accept things for the way they are and NOT for how we would want them to be. For when we fight against this moment, we are fighting against the universe. OMG !! How many times during our week has just this first part of acceptance challenged us?  IE, while I traveled to the east coast…

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Week 3 – Where there’s a Will…

..strike it out. Huh? Were you expecting, “where there’s a will, there’s a way?” Well, not this time.

In this instance, the instruction for this week was to strike the word, will, from the text of one of the assigned readings. Will implies future intent. Something that’s to happen one day, some day. “Will” is vague and wishy-washy if it’s separated from it’s good buddy, “when”. Ok.

Such a little word, will. What impact could that have? To my surprise, the assigned reading took on a completely different meaning once it was grounded in the here and now of the present. Suddenly there was definitive action versus empty dreams. I was participating in live drama and not the fantasy of one day, some day.

Speaking of the present, I am not alone in the Master Key Master Mind Alliance (MKMMA). Starting with this blog, I would like to introduce you to some of my fellow participants so that you may learn of their hopes, actions, and reactions.

On, Rueben Cezar poses the following questions and answers them in various video clips. Question 1: Who do you think you are right now in doing this? Question 2: So you really want the Truth, huh? Question 3: Are you ready to fight to create new good habits to replace old bad habits? Question 4: This is going to take practice, practice, practice… Are you really committed to do this? Question 5: What do you want or expect from doing all this Master Key System Stuff. Answer: I expect to see a Brand New Me!”

Definitely check out Rueben’s take on starting the MKMMA experience. I added his Question 5 video below because it is so fun and infectious As you view and listen, get out of your seat and dance as though no one’s watching. And if someone’s watching, invite that person to join the dance. Enjoy!